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Knitting again….

Yes, I’m knitting again. The last time I remember knitting anything was right before and after we got Dragon. That would mean it has nearly been a year! Oh, the horror. I can’t believe it. I think, as with quilting, I need a project I’m really excited about, and instead I have a bunch of projects I’m not excited about that need to be finished. I try to be good and say I’ll finish those first… but…

I’m thinking of knitting a sweater for myself. I’ve been hesitant to do it because it takes a hell of a lot of yarn. I do think it would get me knitting passionately again. At the moment I’m trying to finish a pair of socks. I’m just about to finish the first and get on to the second. Maybe I need to learn to knit two at a time so I don’t have this sock burn-out problem.

I also intend to sit down and make a list of the things I want to finish craft-wise. Maybe I can rotate through different projects and get some things done.

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