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I’m involved in two musicals this summer.

The Oregon Straw Hat Players – Once Upon a Mattress

I’m subbing on violin for one performance. I played quite a few musicals with OSHP before I moved to Ohio, so this will bring back memories, I’m sure. Especially since it’s in my old high school auditorium and I played in the Once Upon a Mattress pit in high school (in the old cafetorium).

Music Theatre of Madison – Floyd Collins

I’m playing violin/viola for this show. I’m not sure yet whether that means my old violin strung as a viola or my usual violin with some transposed stuff. Either way, it sounds like a lot of fun. It’s about a man who was trapped in a cave (read the site for a better summary) and it has a bluegrass score. And I get to carpool with Shannon because she’s playing bass. Yay!

What better way to spend the summer? This will actually work out really well, since we don’t have too many weddings scheduled for July and August (yet). I’m still going camping with Brian in a couple of weeks, and my business trip to D.C. in August (ugh) only conflicts with one rehearsal.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Yay indeed. Carpooling for these things ALWAYS makes it better!

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