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Halloween Weekend – Des Moines

My mom and I went to a quilt show in Des Moines the day before Halloween. It was a pretty good show. The organizers did a great job. There were plenty of places to sit down. Food choices were dismal, but at least there were places to sit. The show was bigger than the Madison one and smaller than the Chicago one. The vendors were different – I was afraid it would be more of the same. Overall, I saw less country and more of the kind of stuff that I like. Yay. There were a lot of quilting machine vendors there, which I’m not so interested in right now. My mom likes to visit Hinterberg’s booth, so it’s good that they were there.

Des Moines is FAR AWAY from Madison. It took a good 5 hours, I think… maybe more. Dad decided to go, so he drove. The hotel I picked was a poor choice (just a little old). The Perkins where we had breakfast knows how to get the hash browns crispy :) I am not a fan of the Iowa Beef Steakhouse where we had dinner. It was the worst salad bar I’ve ever seen. The steak was good – but for the price I expect a better salad bar!

There is a show in Des Moines again in October 2010, so I’ll probably go. I didn’t buy much, but I did get inspired to do some things. That’s worth the trip.

My parents’ car has a sensor that tells if the tires are at less than 20 psi or something, and one of the sensors was going off. Dad took the car to a shop and found out there was a nail in the tread near the sidewall, which the shop would not patch. We had to leave a little early to drive to Cedar Rapids to get a tire on our way home. Nothing like a little excitement!

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