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Birthday Cake Bomb

This weekend I made a cake from a website, reportedly the best birthday cake ever, for Brian’s birthday. Brian is a cake-fiend, but he’s picky. He likes boxed cakes. I like making things from ingredients, not from boxes. So I thought I’d try this cake. The cake itself turned out very dense, although it was moist. The batter tasted divine, so I think the cake would have been good too, but the texture is a little too pound-cake-like for me. The frosting was a huge disaster. It was based on sour cream, and I just did not enjoy that flavor. The frosting was also very thin, and even after adding a LOT of powdered sugar, it was still runny and drippy. I’d say that I did something wrong, but I followed the recipe to the letter (until I decided to add mass quantities of powdered sugar to sweet up and stiffen up the frosting). In the end, I had enough frosting for three or four 9×13 cakes. I’ll be throwing that out, since I’m not fond of the flavor – too bad, what a waste.

*sigh* So it was edible, but I gladly sent the rest off to Brian’s office. Maybe it’s time for cake: take 2. I should have realized that America’s Test Kitchen would have tackled this issue already. Duh. The pictures of their Fluffy Yellow Layer Cake, cut open, look perfect, and the ingredient list makes me think it will taste awesome too. So I think maybe we’ll be having lots of cake at our house over the next few weeks.

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