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Birthday cake v. 2.0 – a WIN!

Much better! I made the Cook’s Illustrated Fluffy Yellow Layer Cake with Foolproof Chocolate Frosting. Yum! Whoever thought of buttercream is my hero – it’s soooooo good. Brian, the official cake-fiend, has given this his seal of approval. He says the only thing he’d change is that the cake was a tad dry. I think I can work on that!

The one bad thing was that this took a lot of bowls, the mixer, and the food processor. But are the dishes worth it? We think so. This has a nearly box-cake-like, tender and fluffy texture, but tastes so much better. Real vanilla – real butter.

I made this cake in a 9×13 dark pan, and used almost all the frosting just on the top. I’d say that frosting 2 9″ layers might be a challenge with this much frosting. And heck, if you make extra I’m sure you’ll find other things to do with it (like eat it off your fingers).

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