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Dragon’s Quest

Yesterday when I got home from work I found the tall kitchen cabinet open. I thought maybe Brian had left it open in the morning because sometimes Dragon hides in there and it would be a pain to get him out in a hurry. There was also a bag of 4 potatoes sitting about a foot away from the cabinet on the floor. This is… oh, about 6 lbs. The plastic was torn, but the potatoes looked ok. I assumed the cat went after the plastic and put them away. Later, when Brian got home, I asked him if he’d left the cabinet open. He said no, but… well… I didn’t believe him. Or maybe I left it open the night before. Who knows.

Then while we were making dinner Dragon started opening the cabinet with his paw. He couldn’t quite get it all the way open, so it would close again with a thud. Over and over and over. I guess we know how that cabinet wound up open… I assume he got it open enough to slip in, and maybe it closed behind him and he shoved it open getting out. Either that or he did figure out how to open it all the way.

It’s not even near where we keep the cat food, but it is where we keep the chips and crackers and other things he likes to eat occasionally if we don’t catch him fast enough.

Brian and I were impressed. As Brian said, when we first got him he used to learn a new naughty trick every day. It has been a while since he did anything novel and naughty. I’m also impressed that he moved my 6lb bag of potatoes. That’s 3/8 of his body weight!

3 Responses to “Dragon’s Quest”

  1. erin says:

    He did it again the next day, only it was onions that were displaced. Weird cat. I know onions are bad for cats, but he didn’t try to eat them. If he keeps going in the cabinet we may have to find a new storage place for the onions and potatoes.

  2. erin says:

    and again today…. no root veggies on the floor this time.

  3. erin says:

    He continues to get in the cabinet. We’ve temporarily parked the vacuum cleaner in front of it to keep him out. He doesn’t seem to harm anything, but I don’t want to come home to popcorn kernels all over the floor after he chews open the bag or anything.

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