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Vacation Day 7, April 24, Las Vegas and home again

We got up at a reasonable hour and checked out of our hotel, and headed to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. As we drove out toward Summerlin, some multicolored mountains came into view. I was very excited that we were headed in that general direction. Red Rock Canyon was not observing free national parks week, but they do accept the national park pass, so we did actually use our national park pass once!

Red Rock Canyon must only be about 20 minutes from the strip, and has all sorts of different colors and textures of rock, and even some petroglyphs and pictographs. Very cool. Highly recommended. The day we were there was a Saturday, and there might have been some event going on because it was packed.

click to see an enlargement of the handprints

While in the park we passed a woman outside painting. The rangers were also at one of the stops showing us examples of native creatures (scorpions and tarantulas!). It is a very cool place, and I would love to go hiking there sometime. One of the later stops on the scenic drive, in particular, looked like it had a good trail heading off into a canyon. It was not so hot that day, but we had limited time because we had to go catch our flight. We also encountered one nice man who talked to us about religion. We did not feel particularly threatened, but I suppose that kind of thing can happen anywhere. He took our picture for us.

We ate at PF Chang’s (I know – so many chains!) and then headed to drop of the rental car and catch our plane. The flight back was supposed to be bumpy, but didn’t end up being too bad. We called the hotel shuttle and it came in about 5 minutes. We hopped in the car and drove home.

All in all it was a great trip, although colder than ideal. I think next time we need to plan an activity other than sight seeing and maybe stay in one place. We drove over 1300 miles (well… Brian drove and I navigated). We could do a better job of relaxing.

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