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Teaching myself new tricks

I’ve been knitting for at least five years now.  I’ve recently done a couple of projects that involve large fields of stockinette stitch (all knit stitches on one side, all purl stitches on the other) knit flat, and I’ve had to confront my uneven tension in knitting and purling.  I am a loose knitter, and apparently an extremely loose purler when I do the typical continental purl, even if I wrap the yarn over more fingers or pull to try to increase tension.  I finally tried combined purling, and I think I’ve solved my problem.  Now my purls are too tight if I try to tighten them and I’m forced to stay relaxed, which is really better for my hands.  It seems like a really elegant solution, too, since the motion is almost the mirror image of knitting.  It just means that I need to be slightly careful following standard knitting directions for increases and decreases, or I need to reorient my stitches before M1, K2Tog, SSK, SK2P, etc.

It’s not typically a problem when I’m knitting in the round, but I recently made a Christmas stocking that was knit flat and I’m currently working on a short row sleeve cap on a sweater.

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