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Spinach Pie

I tried the Weeknight Spinach Pie recipe from January 2011 Cook’s Illustrated for Christmas. They called for 20oz of spinach and 12oz feta. Spinach came in 16oz packages and feta came in 8oz packages, so I ended up using a pound of each. I do think my version suffered for that, but it was still really good. I like the result, and baking it on a sheet pan didn’t require figuring out what to do with the corners of the phyllo.

I do think I will leave the mint out next time. I’ve had spanakopita with mint before, and I don’t particularly like it. Maybe it’s authentic, but it tastes kind of bitter to me. The recipe made a LOT. If you cut it into 24 pieces as suggested, I think each person would only take 4 max. for a main dish and 2 as an appetizer.

It’s a little soggy for leftovers, but I feel like I have gourmet leftovers for lunch this week.

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