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Smashed Potatoes

I’m finding that the Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2011 (hereafter CATK Cookbook) has every recipe I want, even though I don’t know it yet. I searched for a smashed potato recipe online and wound up finding it in the CATK Cookbook.

I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the results, but I can’t judge too accurately because, as usual, I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter. I more than doubled it to feed the crew I had coming for Christmas and the grocery store was out of chives, so I subbed some green onions. I definitely think chives would be better. I found that the potatoes cooked in under 20min after boil. In fact, less, because mine were overdone. I chose large red potatoes (because they came in a 5lb bag), and they pretty much mashed themselves with the little bit of squishing and folding that I did. Since I doubled the recipe, I forgot to reserve as much cooking liquid as I was supposed to, but I was also hesitant to add it all because I didn’t want glue.

Next time I will look for the smaller red potatoes (new potatoes) and I will watch them carefully for doneness. Depending on the results, I may increase the butter and cream cheese quantity. I couldn’t really taste the butter or cream cheese. And I will find chives. Dried ones may have been a better choice than the green onions. I found the green onions a little overwhelming.

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