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Maryland Crab Cakes with Chipotle Mayo

We made the America’s Test Kitchen Maryland Crab Cakes for dinner last night. I thought they were really good. I followed the crab cake directions almost precisely – I just added a little extra Old Bay to the flour for dredging at the end. Since we live far from the coast and didn’t want to pay a fortune, we went for pasteurized crab. Costco had it in a 1lb tub near the deli meats and herring. I used panko for the crumbs (because I had it on hand). I only used 2Tb. The cakes barely held together. They were difficult to handle and flip, but we managed. I set the cakes on wax paper after dredging, and I lifted the cakes using the wax paper beneath them and sort of tipped them into my palm and put them in the oil quickly to fry. I could not pick them up with my fingers and keep them intact.

I was too lazy to mince garlic or chilis, and we didn’t have fresh cilantro or lime juice, so I mixed up some of the adobo from the can of chipotles with some mayo and sour cream and added lemon pepper, garlic salt, dried cilantro, and lemon juice. The result was probably not as spicy as it would have been with chopped chilis, but it was a very tasty sauce. We had leftover sauce, and I plan to use it on turkey and bacon roll ups. It would also be awesome on cheesesteak sandwiches if we happened to have those on hand.

I was more than pleased with the results. We will definitely do this again, although probably not often since it was a little labor intensive and more expensive than our usual dinners.

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