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Chocolate Ice Cream Adventure

I’ve attempted chocolate ice cream before, and the recipe is basically add 1 c. cocoa powder to vanilla ice cream.  So tonight I decided to try to add chocolate to the new techniques with corn starch and cream cheese that I’ve been trying lately.  The base thickened up a lot more than the vanilla and mint, which I remember being true with the egg custard version too.  The base is also a bit lumpy, but I hope that will strain out.

I’m already thinking of some improvements for next time.  I think maybe melted chocolate would be better than cocoa powder.  The cocoa powder just tastes… like cocoa powder!  Maybe it’s a little too bitter.  I don’t know.  I’m considering doctoring the cold base with a little more corn syrup or thinning it with some milk.  I’m not sure yet if I will, and I may end up with too much base for my machine to freeze in one batch.

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