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Honey, is our refrigerator staring at me?

So, I saw this tutorial on making magnetic googly eyes the other day, and I knew I had to do it. I have always thought about putting googly eyes on random household objects. There’s something about them that just makes me laugh, so why not. I purchased a variety bag of “wiggly eyes” for 99c and a roll of adhesive magnetic paper (that was the expensive part). The magnetic paper is fairly thin, like a promotional magnet, and that might be an issue. The magnetic force doesn’t seem very strong. I didn’t have any trouble sticking it to the eyes, though. The adhesive is nice and strong, and eliminates the need for any glue.  I’m not too concerned with  making perfect circles of magnet, so I’ve just been cutting them out with scissors.

So far our fridge, dishwasher, and magnetic whiteboard have eyes. I’m considering carrying a bunch of these around with me to stealth-decorate random metal surfaces at friends’ houses.  Even better, I can use the magnetic paper for other magnets, like photos under glass marbles.

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