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I bought a very pretty clasp at the bead shown in town this spring, and I’ve been puzzling over what to do with it. I did a Google image search for bracelets with three strand clasps and somehow stumbled on chain maille. I decided to try Japanese 12 in 2 chain maille for this bracelet, and I like the way it turned out:

I found the bracelet surprisingly hard to photograph – or maybe I’m just tired. I think it looks better in person.  There are amazing free resources for doing maille online, and I was able to get away with some craft store “bright silver” rings.  If I decide to do anything more complicated, I will have to order some rings in appropriate sizes.  This isn’t too bad, but it’s maybe a little loose.  I did 12 in 1 (one layer of big rings) first, and 12 in 2 definitely gave it more structure.  I don’t recommend going through and adding another layer of big rings afterward like I did.  It definitely would be easier to start out doing 12 in 2.

It’s definitely not perfect, but I still like it, and I think I have the patience to do more maille in the future if inspiration strikes.

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  1. Shannon says:

    I have a chain maille bracelet and necklace and I love them both.

    This looks cool to me!

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