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Happy New Year!

My creativity has been really on and off these last few months.  I have managed to accomplish a few things, though:

Three French Hens from Jim Shore’s 12 Days of Christmas

I’ve been working on these for a few years – it seems unlikely that I will finish three sets of 12 like I originally planned (oh, ambition!), but I’m still plugging away on set #1. Next up: Four Calling Birds.

felted knit slippers (for me)

Finishing these slippers was a 2012 resolution (yes, I make it easy on myself). I had done 1.5 before running out of yarn. They’re really easy, but running out of yarn sort of stalled me for a few months. Silly, I know.

Cathedral Window pillow cover

The Cathedral Window pillow cover was done by machine piecing the background and sewing all of the windows together with loose flaps dangling before inserting the colored “panes” and hand turning the windows.  The second shot shows my sloppy attempt at an invisible zipper using a regular zipper foot – oh well.  I still love it.

The fabrics on the front are mostly Michelle Hill’s Adelaide Collection and Jason Yenter’s Camelot Collection along with a few bits and pieces of random stuff.  I really loved both fabric collections and bought a fat quarter bundle of both, then realized that quite a few of the fabrics would go together well enough for this project and that the colors would look pretty good with my IKEA embroidered pillows.  I still have a lot of fabric left, of course, since the windows only used a tiny bit of each fabric.  the border was nearly an entire fat quarter, and I was so glad I had enough to do it.  The back fabric is from an IKEA ironing board cover that I bought without considering my ironing board’s dimensions.  My ironing board is significantly longer, but I liked the print well enough to use it for a pillow back.  Overall, I’m pleased.  The cathedral windows were a lot of work, but I did them during the summer when we went to a lot of outdoor concerts where I could sit and work on putting the colored bits in the windows and hand sewing the window frames without distraction.

I want to work on some tile quilt blocks for pillow covers with the remaining fabric.

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