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Sodastream Review

This year we bought ourselves a Sodastream Dynamo Deluxe from Costco for Christmas. We had been eyeing them for a while, and while we didn’t get the black Friday low low price, we still thought we got a good deal. We didn’t read or fully understand the instructions, but after watching a video online, we figured out that the machine has to “fart” 3+ times before the water is carbonated enough. The first time we threaded a bottle on the machine it was too loose or cross threaded or something and we sprayed water all over the kitchen! The cat really doesn’t like the noises that the sodastream makes :)

While I’m pleased with the carbonation and the ability to make my own soda, I have been disappointed by a few details. We have not personally seen a replacement 130 carbonator locally. We might be able to order one, but the only local choice seems to be 60L, which costs almost as much as 130L. Also, the flavors have been pretty bad. ¬†We got sample flavor pack with our purchase. Of the 1 flavors, we have made 10, and I have personally tasted 8: regular orange, regular lemon lime, regular root beer, regular “Dr Pete”, diet root beer, diet cola, diet lemon lime, and diet “Dr Pete”. ¬†Almost all (all?) oftheir flavors contain sucralose (Splenda) and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), even the non-diet flavors! Sometimes I’m ok with this artificial sweetener taste, but sometimes I’m not. Regular orange, lemon lime, and Dr Pete were ok, but the others tasted pretty bad. I’m not a fan of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi either. In addition to the sampler pack, we have also tried the natural root beer, natural ginger ale, and regular (unnatural) cherry cola. The natural flavors are made with sugar and whatever glucose syrup is. They come in bigger bottles, and each bottle only makes 6L compared to about 12L from the smaller (unnatural) flavors, they’re much more expensive (~3x), and there are fewer natural flavors. No doubt the reason the larger bottles make fewer liters of soda is because the artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar by volume. The cherry cola had an oddly bitter lettuce taste behind the sweetness, yuck.

So, I’m dissatisfied with the syrups. I’ll have to investigate making my own. Grenadine and Torani are other options, but not necessarily cheaper. I think making simple syrup and flavoring it with extracts, fruit concentrates, etc might be a better option.


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