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More baby clothes

The bunny on the left was leftover peel and stick sewn through to applique on – not recommended. Lettering was done with the Pentel fabric gel rollerball.  The rain clouds are raw edge applique.

The heart is raw edge applique, lettering Pentel fabric gel rollerball.  This one has survived several washings with minimal fraying.  I intended for the fraying to add to the look, and so far it looks good.

The owl and fox are leftover peel and stick sewn through – not recommended. The lettering is Sharpie stained.

The squirrel is peel and stick, the lettering is fabric dye crayons outlined with Pentel gel rollerball.  Thanks to my friend, Anna, for the cute slogan idea.  This one survived the wash ok, but has not been used much yet.

The clouds are peel and stick, the rainbow is fabric dye crayons, and the lettering is Pentel gel rollerball. At least one cloud did not survive the wash. I will fix it up with the Sharpie stained markers. This photo is before washing.

Peel and stick moon and clouds with a few Pentel gel roller details.

Peel and stick acorn, fabric dye crayon leaves, and Pentel gel rollerball lettering.

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